What happened to my teen? Defiant teen help


Teen Boot Camps And Boarding Schools For Defiant Teens.

What Happened To My Teen?

Many parents wake up one day and ask what happened to the sweet little person that used to live here. It is difficult to watch someone that you love so much, turn into someone that does nothing but cause you grief. We find there are many reasons why the youth of today are acting the way they are. The most common are these: The child is suffering from lack of supervision.

The child has been enabled by something he or she has heard at school or from a friend The child is reacting to a change in their household, a death, a divorce, a change of residence etc. The child may have started to abuse some sort of substance The child has just given up on life The child has new friends that are less than positive The child may have a psychiatric problem or chemical imbalance

What Can I Do?

Many states have age limitations set to limit what you can and can’t force your child to do. We have heard many parents complain that the state they live in holds them responsible for their child’s behavior but gives them no lawful way to reprimand their child. When a young person is given total power with no consequences they are destined for trouble. Parents in many states have to seek help out of state because they realize that if they leave their child to their own devices, they will end up dead or in prison. Parents do still have authority to do what they feel is in their children’s best interest.

This authority may not exist in their home state but there are locations where a parent can get much needed help. We are able to guide parents seeking help for a troubled teen; we can direct parents to states that will still allow them to place their children in a school, even if they refuse to go. We can even help a parent make arrangements to have their son or daughter picked up and taken to the school the parents have chosen for them.

How Can We Help You?

Our company specializes in finding Boot Camps for out of control teens. Most boarding schools say they have boot camps for troubled teens, when really what they have to offer is a boarding school. When a parent is looking for a military type environment, we should offer that to them. We have Boot Camps that will take kids that don’t want to be there. We have Boot Camps that are long term, usually a year in length. We have Boot Camps that will help a child continue their education. We have Boot Camps that offer the same experience a person would have if they were allowed into the military. Our Boot Camps are run by ex military personnel. If you are looking for a highly structured, discipline oriented environment for your child, you should give us a call.

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