Medical Advances in Artificial Limbs

Medical Miracle of Transplant

A Massachusetts man recently received two new hands. Medical technology is making great strides toward the transplant of more than just internal body parts. The Massachusetts man said that what he has missed most was being able to touch his grand children’s faces. With his new hands now he will be able to accomplish his wish. This amazing story from MSNBC can be found by following this link.

Medical Advancements

Many of the procedures being performed today were only dreamed about 75 years ago. Advances in the medical field and organ donation programs have made some pretty amazing things possible. The world was amazed when the first heart transplant was surgically performed in 1967. Since then the flood gates of transplants have been opened. Many peoples lives have been drastically improved. Not only are people living longer they are enjoying a better quality of life than previously imagined. Great strides are also being made in fields like eye surgery. Because there are about a million fibers from the optic nerve to the brain a complete eye transplant seems unlikely at the present time. There are cornea transplants that take place quite routinely and can be performed as an outpatient surgery. Research is progressing in the field of damaged retina cell replacement.

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