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Gay Marriage

There are several articles currently available online regarding radical marriage. They refer to either same sex marriage or marriage that differs from the definition that most Americans associate marriage with. Marriage has been known as the civil union between a man and woman for many years, and until recently has gone unchallenged.

In the last few years there has been a movement to allow same sex marriage. This would extend the same benefits to those in a gay marriage that are available to those in a traditional marriage. There are some merits to the concept allowing couples devoted to each other the same privileges as a man and woman that are married. Most Americans believe that marriage should still be reserved for one man and one woman.


Gay couples are not the only group unhappy with traditional marriage. Those in polygamous relationships also believe the laws should be changed to include and allow them. Polygamy has been around for ages and has gone through periods of acceptance, and era’s of not so much acceptance. Polygamy is still against the law in the United States. The argument for the polygamist differs from those of the gay persuasion.

Some states still have laws forbidding homosexual activity on their books, even though in most places violation of the law is not enforced. Polygamy is a little different story, and is outlawed just about everywhere. Given the recent publicity of Warren Jeff’s and his “marriage” to girls as young as 12, it would seem that polygamy is not the real issue. It is hard to understand why a grown man would be interested in marrying a child as young as 12, it stretches the imagination even for religious purposes.

Radical Marriage Concept

A radical marriage concept for some people may be developing an agenda to help those that are currently married couples. Given the fact that nearly half the traditional marriages entered into end in divorce, something needs to be changed. Some of the problems in the country today can be traced back to the lack of commitment in marriage. Many of the problems facing the teen population today can be traced back to failed marriages. What if more energy were spent trying to help married people stay married? What if teens were taught to wait until they were married to engage in sex?

What if the father of a child were really committed to take care of the child he created? The disadvantages and problems single parent families face far outweigh the problems of those in polygamous and gay relationships. It is hard to comprehend the change that would take place in America if family values were turned back to those of half a century ago. If parents were committed to keep their marriage vows, if children were allowed to be raised in a home with two parents where they felt loved and safe. Gang activity would greatly be reduced, children would not be looking outside of the home for someone to have their back. They would know that their family would always be there for them.

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